About us

Over 70 years experience and activity in Iran and abroad


Azmayeshfard Bros. Is the trade center with the presence of seven decades in Tehran central fruit and vegetable bazar in terms of supply and distribution of citrus, a variety of dates, nuts, fruits and vegetables in biggest market of Iran has the skills, knowledge and experience, as well as to growth and development and the expansion in domestic and foreign markets forward.

Confidence, quality and use of technology in the field of customer acquisition and product fit with market requirements and customer recognition are our success tools.

Iran has rich resources qualitatively and quantitatively in agriculture that can constitute grounds for a variety of business units from production to supply and consumption.

The firm, according to the sources is one of the most successful and dates palm and citrus supply centers inside and outside the country. This result is consistent with qualitative and quantitative promotion of products, packaging and customer orientation is obtained.